Hers' another use for your reading glasses...

Reading glasses are a necessity. Most people will tell you there reaches a point where it's impossible to read just about anything without their readers. Many wearers have also discovered that reading glasses are an easy way to top off their looks and express how their feeling.

So if today your temperament is subdued and serious…tortoise-shell or black frames may suit your mood.

Woke up feeling rested and a bit giddy... it happens…a spirited pair of readers will say it.

Feeling a bit playful and even sexy… flatter yourself with some cat eye readers.

Romancing your rock n’ roll days, venture back with some retro style readers and let it rip.

But here’s another use for your reading glasses …they can be used as a tool to tackle your trouble spots and enhance your positives. Wrinkles, bags, puffiness, sallow skin tone …all signs of a life well-lived!  Easy fix…get a flattering pair of reading glasses and no one will ever notice!