NEW CITY, NEW YORK, February 20, 2013 –

Long before Renee Bachner became a licensed  optician more than 25-years ago, she was setting her sights on creating her own business. Today Renee’s Readers( is proof positive that the entrepreneurial spirit of American enterprise can still succeed with a good product, even in a down economy.

After years of observing her own clients, Bachner came to realization that Baby Boomers are far more savvy and energetic than the generations that preceded them. Over time, Renee began to evolve her concepts for stylish eyeglasses for seniors and pre-seniors who are experiencing lifestyle changes in ways no other group has ever encountered.Reading habits have changed considerably for example. No longer do people just read newspapers and magazines. There are I-pods and I-pads and laptops and all sorts of other electronic devices that did not exist just two decades ago.

Says Bachner, “Today’s Boomer live life to the fullest. They are fashionable, active and “in the know. When I created Renee’s Readers, I wanted to design high quality reading glasses that would embrace today’s changing attitudes toward aging.”

Designing her own product from “soup to nuts” has been Renee’s lifelong dream, but the process was not an easy one. Over the years Bachner has worked in every aspect of the optical business which greatly influenced her knowledge and aided her in the creative process.

By incorporating feedback from countless clients and combining her years of experience, Bachner set about the process of designing shapes and styles of reading glasses that would appeal to today’s contemporary aging society.

Like anything someone immerses themselves into however, Renee quickly discovered far more design variables than she ever imagined, despite her professional expertise. The basic criteria Bachner used at the outset was to make her products trendy without being over the top. The first thing to consider was shape. People have faces with differing shapes and, therefore, certain eyeglassstyles are more flattering to some facial features than others. Depending up the eyewear, certain traits can be accented while others can be toned down.

There was also the question of size. Reading glasses frequently tend to have larger lenses than some other types of glasses.  Men required longer temples, the stems from the glasses themselves to the ear, for a more secure fit. There was also the matter of color which, like the variable of shape, can enhance or detract from a person’s complexion.  Other logical considerations were comfort, durability and even the type of hinges that are used. Renee discovered that spring hinges are the most popular and preferred choice among her customers.

“From listening to what was important to my own Boomer customers, I created a line of glasses which reflect their preference and fun, passionate style of living as well as the diverse interests of today’s 40+ generation,” says Renee enthusiastically.

The next step was to find a manufacturer that could create the actual product to the specifications Renee required.  Once she had her prototypes ready, Bachner invited her future customers to a gathering to critique and fine-tune her designs. It was the ultimate “focus group” so to speak. The feedback was tremendous with the results establishing an initial line of 13 styles of Renee’s Readers eyeglasses in two colors for each style.

So enthused was Renee with the finished products that she was unable contain her excitement. “I was so inspired by my own Boomer customers, I even named my designs after them,” she exudes thankfully. Hence, if you purchase one of Renee’s Readers you just ask for “Mirona” or “Susan” or “Samantha” or “Steve.”

It was Bachner’s way of showing her appreciation while allowing her clients to more or less make a spectacle of themselves.

But there is more to this story than meets the eye. Renee’s mother is a victim of Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, she made have been dealing with the disease for ten years before the family was aware of it. By the time it was discovered, the Alzheimer’s had progressed to an advanced state.

Since Renee’s purpose is to create awareness of changes in the aging process, she donates a portion of all sales of her reading glasses to Alzheiner’s research in the hope that something can be done to recognize the disease at an early phase and help to minimize or prevent it.

As Renee puts it, “It’s just my way of giving back.”

Renee’s Readers sell for $65 to $75 and come with a soft carrying case. Shipping is included for orders over $100. All the information necessary can found on her website and blog.

You see, all it took for Renee Bachner was a little vision.