What does optical quality mean?

A lot of readers are described as optical quality, but are they really? Optical/opthalmic quality lenses are made from optical grade plastics, like the kind used in an optical store and manufactured adhering to very detailed government standards which include lens quality, prescription tolerances and manufacturing results. 

Optical quality lenses will make your reading clear and comfortable which will ultimately eliminate your eyestrain.  Optical plastic,CR-39, is the same lens material as used in optical stores.  The range in grades/quality of CR-39 optical plastics varies from low grade to premium grades and as you would expect lens clarity varies with quality levels.

Acrylic and various other polymers, commonly used in over-the-counter readers is not considered an opthalmic plastic. You will not find acrylic lenses in an optical lab and they are not used for prescription lenses in any optical store. Read more about why lens material is important part of reading clearly and relieving eyestrain here.

Optical quality/opthalmic frames go through a long labor intensive manufacturing process that has many layers of quality control. Optical quality frames are made from qualified optical plastics, metals and other components that among many other features are also malleable.  This allows for a better fit with easy adjustments and it also makes the frames suitable for the insertion of prescription lenses.  Optical quality frames last longer. They fit better, retain color and luster and they wear well.

Renee's Readers are designed to be optically correct; provide the clear vision of properly manufactured premium grade opthalmic quality CR-39 lenses with the frame integrity and optimal fit of ophthalmic quality frames just like prescription eyewear. 

You will notice it when you hold our readers in your hands, feel the smooth and uniform surfaces of our lenses and frames and you will definitely see the difference.

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