What does optical quality mean?

Optical quality is the term used to describe the specific standards to which the lenses in your reading glasses are made as well as how the frames are manufactured. 

Authentic optical quality reading lenses are made from high-quality optical plastic, technically known as CR-39,  that meet very specific standards for lens quality, prescription tolerances and manufacturing results.  Optical quality lenses will give you clear, comfortable vision.  Free of waves and imperfections, high-quality CR-39 optical lenses allow you to see clearly effortlessly. 

Optical quality frames are made from qualified optical plastics, metals and other components that among many other features are also malleable.  This allows for a better fit with easy adjustments and it also makes the frames suitable for the insertion of prescription lenses.  Optical quality frames last longer. They fit better, retain quality, color and luster and they wear well.

Renee's Readers are designed to be optically correct; provide the precise vision of optical quality CR-39 lenses with the frame integrity and optimal fit of ophthalmic quality frames just like prescription eyewear.  Get more info about optical quality reading glasses  here.