Use the professional services of Renee's Readers optical shop to fill your prescription with premium lenses. If you have very different prescriptions in each eye, a significant astigmatism correction or require lens power above a +3.00 or you would just like your prescription filled in one of Renee's Readers prescription quality frames; custom prescription reading glasses are available for an additional charge of $99.00

All single vision lenses are manufactured using premium optical grade CR-39 lens material custom made to your exact measurements.

  • Premium Quality Zeiss Anti-Reflective Coating $80.00 
  • Crizal Prevancia Blue Light Blocking Anti-Reflective Coating $170.00
  • Brand-Name Photochromatic Gray Or Brown $80.00 
  • Premium Quality Polarized Gray or Brown $ 80.00 
  • Solid Tint $ 20.00 

Here’s how to place an order:

Here’s how to place an order:

Email optician Renee@RENEESREADERS.COM a copy of your prescription from your doctor with your P.D. measurement.

Specify your desired frame style and your lens options, if any.

Our licensed optician will evaluate your prescription and frame choice to make sure they will work well together technically and aesthetically. 

Once approved an invoice will be sent to you through PayPal. 

Payment in full is required to process your order.

Discounts or promotions are not applicable.

Custom prescriptions may take a week to 10 days.