Blue Light Blocking Glasses- what you need to know before you buy

-It seems that Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses has become the it item but  there is a lot of misinformation out there.

Here’s what you need to know about blue light glasses-

A blue light filter blocks out the sleep disturbing spectrum of blue light and this coating is usually coupled with an anti-glare coating that eliminates glare inducing eyestrain.

But if you really want to eliminate eyestrain from looking at some sort of digital device day after day, here’s how to do it-

The lens power in your computer glasses should be the correct one for your age and viewing distance. Lens quality is of utmost importance because looking through lenses that are of not optical grade lens material or super clear without any imperfections will create eyestrain.

Many times people don't realize this because the brain will work with your eyes to compensate for visual disturbances. Eventually, eyestrain catches up with you.

  •  This is why you need the correct lens power- Hours of computer reading puts the eyes muscles into a state of intense fatigue. The lenses in your computer glasses are meant to relax the eyes muscles. Too much lens power or too little lens power will cause additional eyestrain as your eyes will be fighting to compensate for incorrect lens power.
  • This is why viewing distance affects lens power- The further away you view your screen, the less lens power you need to see it clearly. This is based on the scientific principle that focal power is inversely related to focal distance. This will determine what lens power is right for you and your computer setting.
  • This is why lens quality is important in your computer glasses- Clear lens optics provide an unobstructed path for visual images so you can read comfortably. Read the fine print- what lens material are the lenses in the computer glasses you are thinking of buying? Our readers are made from CR-39 optical store premium grade lens material known for better optics than any other lens material. What grade is the lens material? High quality lens materials are made to stricker tolerances which translates into sharper vision. How the lenses are made are important also but if its not an optical grade plastic like CR-39 chances are its mass produced and the optics are not good.

There is to date no definitive proof that blue light causes harm to the structures in the eye according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. But eyestrain is an ailment that can no longer be ignored especially for those whose work, school or lifestyle puts them in front of a computer screen for hours just about everyday.

So, to sum it up- blue light glasses has the benefit blocking out simulating blue light but if the lens quality is not good and lens power is not correct- it’s not going to do one of the most important things it's supposed to do- eliminate your eyestrain.

Licensed Optician
New York