You see with your brain...

Jun 07, 2018 by Renee Bachner 0

Whenever one of my optical store customers picks up their new prescription eyeglasses and they feel a “little off” and I know that their prescription was prescribed and fill correctly I go into my explanation about how we see….it’s with your brain.

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must have been crazy...

Feb 11, 2018 by Renee Bachner 0

I must have been crazy to think that I could launch a business on the internet without big funding, fancy branding and massive PR. What drove me to do it was a passion that has remained brewing inside of me since I can remember. 

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Good karma…spread the vibe

Dec 01, 2017 by Renee Bachner 0

The kids today call it Karma, I remember Karma as also being the vibes someone gives off. It’s a feeling that you give and a memorable experience that we get. It can stay with you for a very long time.

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If not now, when?

Oct 13, 2017 by Renee Bachner 0

I think we’re all pretty much the same when it comes to doing things that we always want to do but put off because we are just too busy getting through the day to day stuff. Usually it’s a life altering event that propels us to change a bucket list into a life list. 

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