The Look

Long days of computer work can wreak havoc on your eyes and your looks. Keep it all together with Blue-Light Filter Glasses that will keep your looks fresh, with the sharp, clear vision and eye comfort that doesn’t let up even after the most grueling days.

Graphic acetate treatments add intrigue, square bridge creates edginess and traditional menswear design elements complete your look with style and comfort from morning to night. Double barrel hinge adds long-wearing stability. Our premium grade frame materials retain looks + luster + hold up in everyday use.

Medium Fit
The Inspiration

Marc styles simple with an affinity for clean and innovative design where fashion rules when it meets real-life needs.

The Lenses

Blue filter lenses block out the stimulating LED light that digital devices emit. Our Blue Light Filter Glasses are made using premium quality anti-glare optical grade plastic lens material (CR-39) selectively filtering blue-violet light and harmful UV while maintaining color resolution. Our lenses are ground to precise optical standards to provide you with the most exacting vision and our use of premium lens coatings and treatments assures that your lenses remain clear throughout your use.

Additional lens features are aspheric lens design for additional visual clarity + reduced eye magnification + hydrophobic lens coating to make cleaning easy + applied hard coating helps to reduce scratches.

Lightweight Case + Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Included


sizing chart
  • A Frame Width : 135mm
  • B Lens Width : 48mm
  • C Lens Depth : 34mm
  • D Bridge : 20mm
  • E Temple Length : 145mm